Hill Walks

The following galleries are of photos from hill walks we have taken over the past couple of years. Some are part of the National Loop Walks.

This 16.5 km walk starts at a carpark known as the Lookout and climbs up Laghtea Hill, affording spectacular views of Lough Derg. Atop Laghtea Hill is the Millenium Cross erected in 2002 and the ruins of an earlier cross erected for the International Eucharistic Congress in 1932, which due to poor construction collapsed after only a year. The walk continues on past the Bronze Age monument, Graves of the Leinstermen, possibly the remains of a court cairn, and up Tountinna Hill. From here you can see over to Clare and north to Galway on the far shores of Lough Derg. You make your way back down the forested north side of Tountinna, past slate quarries, and back over Laghtea to the Lookout.

Arra Mountains Loop Walk 2015-04-19