Hill Walks

The following galleries are of photos from hill walks we have taken over the past couple of years. Some are part of the National Loop Walks.

The Blackrock Loop Walk is a National Loop in the Ballyhoura Mountains in Limerick. As part of the walk you climb to the top of Seefin (528m), the highest mountain in the range. Seefin, in Irish, is Suí Finn or the Seat of Fionn (Mac Cumhaill). He is supposed to be buried in the cairn on its peak. Below Seefin is an area called Glenosheen or Gleann Oisín, the Glen of Oisín, Fionn's son.

In Irish the Ballyhouras are called an Sliabh Riabhach or the Striped or Furrowed Mountain Range. The name Ballyhoura likely derives from Bealach Abhra or Fabhra, the Way of the Brow. Below Seefin is Castle Oliver, the ancestral home of the Oliver family, established by Captain Robert Oliver i 1649. It is the birthplace of Elizabeth Gilbert (1818-1860), better known as Lola Montez, mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria and the illegitimate daughter of Charles Silver Oliver. The present house was built in 1843 by his grandaughters, Mary and Elizabeth Oliver-Gascoigne.

Blackrock Loop Walk 2015-03-22