Hill Walks

The following galleries are of photos from hill walks we have taken over the past couple of years. Some are part of the National Loop Walks.

Cummeengeera is a horseshoe glen in the Caha Mountains on the Beara Peninsula. Part of it lies on the Cork-Kerry Border. The name may derive from the Irish Coimín gCaorach, the Little Hollow of the Sheep or Coimín Ghadhra, Geary's Little Hollow. But it is not clear. Another name for the glen is Rábach's Glen. Rábach, meaning "violent", was the nickname of Cornelius O'Sullivan who lived in the glen. Around 1800, a sailor came to his house to seek shelter. Cornelius murdered him because he thought he had a lot of money on him. Years later, a woman who has seen the act, threatened to inform on him so he murdered her as well. After hiding in a cave below Eskatarrif, he was eventually captured, tried and convicted of both murders. He was the last man to be hanged in County Kerry, in March 1831.

The highest point on the horseshoe is Lackabane (602m), Leaca Bhán in Irish, or "white hillside"

The name of the Caha Mountains (an Cheacha in Irish) most likely derives from the Irish word ceachair, meaning mud or mire.

Cummeengeera 2012-04-07