Hill Walks

The following galleries are of photos from hill walks we have taken over the past couple of years. Some are part of the National Loop Walks.

Devilsbit Mountain is a standalone mountain in Northern Tipperary. It's name refers to the shape of the hill, which looks like a piece has been bitten out of it. Legend says the Devil took this piece and it fell from his mouth to form the Rock of Cashel.

Its name in Irish is Bearnán Éile or the gap of Éile. Éile (Ely) is an ancient and medieval kingdom which is now in County Offaly and Northern Tipperary. The northern part was called Ely O'Carroll and was ruled by the O'Carrols. The southern part was Ely O'Fogarty and ruled by that family.

Devilsbit Mountain 2012-05-27