Hill Walks

The following galleries are of photos from hill walks we have taken over the past couple of years. Some are part of the National Loop Walks.

Not strictly a hillwalk, part of these photos show a walk starting at the Cistercian monastery of Tintern in Co. Wexford and going along Bannow Bay. Bannow Bay was the site where the Anglo-Normans first landed in 1169 in what became known as the Norman Invasion. William Marshall, the son-in-law of Richard de Clare "Strongbow" the leader of the invasion, founded Tintern Abbey c. 1200. Hook Lighthouse is one of the oldest continuously used lighthouses in the world. The current structure was built by William Marshall between 1201 and 1240 but there was a previous structure here whose light was kept by the monks of Saint Dubhán's monastery from the year 500. Dunmore East is a lovely seaside tourist and fishing village on the opposite side of Waterford Harbour.

Tintern, Hook and Dunmore 2015-05-31