Here you’ll find information about my work life. You can access my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the LinkedIn logo.

My experience and expertise fall into these broad areas:

I have worked within established CMS frameworks such as WordPress. I have taken sites designed in basic HTML and CSS and converted them to WordPress themes. I have also done additional PHP programming to enhance these sites. I have created templates from sites designed in PSD or PDF files. I have also developed custom PHP-based sites from composition of a detailed specifications document to the final testing and release. I work with designs which are responsive and and to HTML5 and CSS3 standard.

I have been responsible for the design and programming of interactive, bilingual educational CD-ROMs. I worked mostly with Adobe Director and Flash to create the overall framework, including the basic user interface, product navigation, and all product functionality. My work included: graphic file editing; animation creation; text editing and layout; and sound file editing. I also have experience of hard copy printing, desktop publishing and publication layout.

I am a Certified MySQL® Developer. I have worked with MySQL databases in the context of web design and website Content Management Systems such as WordPress. I have been responsible for the design and implementation of relational database systems. I have extensive experience of working with databases, designing, managing and auditing data in a variety of spheres, e.g. HR, research grant management, professional association membership tracking, and student registration.

As a free-lance Programmer and Developer, I have been responsible for managing the various projects on which I have agreed to work. I have completed an on-line Project Management (CAPM) PMBOK 4 course. I have been responsible for driving multimedia CD-ROM projects from the conceptual phase to replication, during which I was responsible for design, programming, co-ordination of various project parts (artwork, sound, content), content research, and testing. I was a self-employed IT consultant, working on large, relational database design projects. My role would begin with the formulation of a detailed RFP to be put out to bid, selecting an appropriate developer, and then guiding the project through design, conversion, delivery and implementation. I would also be responsible for training and end-user documentation.

While my work experience is grounded in Information Technology, most of my working arenas have been general office environments, where I may be providing technical solutions for general administrative challenges. I feel the marriage of my technical abilities and experience with my Humanities-based educational background has always allowed me to work well with non-technical people, assess their needs, and provide technology-based solutions, either directly or by working with those more skilled than myself. Therefore, I feel my skill set would be equally applicable to a technical position as well as a general management position requiring good organisation and leadership skills.

My greatest strengths have always included: working to deadline; “grace under pressure”; co-ordinating with others; multi-tasking; attention to detail; taking pride in superior results; maintaining focus and vision and being a driving force; and excellent communication, analytical, and written skills.