Isidore the Labourer«Isidorus Matritensis / Isidro Labrador »

(c. 1070–1130)
Miracle Worker
Place of birth:Taifa of Toledo (Al-Andalus)1
Place of death:Castile2
15 May
Patron of:Madrid
Patron of:farmers, farmworkers, husbandry, manual laborers, ranchers
1طائفة طليطلة (الأَنْدَلُس) / Taifa de Toledo (Al-Ándalus) / Reino de Toledo (Al-Ándalus) / Taifa Tolētī (Andalusia)


This is by no means an exhaustive collection of saints. Many newly canonised saints may be missing and many local saints for which I could only find scant information on have been left out. But this is a substantial collection nonetheless.

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