(c. 1197–1253)
Bishop (of Chichester1)
Place of birth:Kingdom of England2
Place of death:Kingdom of England
Place(s) associated with:Droitwich Spa3; Maison Dieu, Dover4
3 April
Patron of:Chichester; Diocese of Chichester5; Sussex6
Patron of:coachmen
1Noviomagus Reginorum / Cicestre
2Teyrnas Lloegr [927–1013 / 1042–1649 / 1660–1707]
3Salinae / Wyche / Saltwich
4Hospital of St Mary / Domus Dei [1203–1534]
5Dioecesis Cicestrensis


This is by no means an exhaustive collection of saints. Many newly canonised saints may be missing and many local saints for which I could only find scant information on have been left out. But this is a substantial collection nonetheless.

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