Tola Chrabdich

Tola the Pious


Abbot, Bishop

Place of birth:Leinster (Laighean)

Place of death:Meath (an Mhí)

Place(s) associated with:Clare (an Clár), Westmeath (an Iarmhí)


30 March

This is by no means an exhaustive collection of saints. Many newly canonised saints may be missing and many local saints for which I could only find scant information on have been left out. But this is a substantial collection nonetheless.

The names of the saints are listed as they would have appeared in the time the saint lived (to the best I can determine). Click on the saint’s name in the list in the sidebar to see more information about that saint. If you wish to see saints for a different date, select that date below. Or you can select a saint by their name or by places they are associated with.


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